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Marijuana Growing in National Forests By San Diego Medical Marijuana          Copyright 2009 Promotions Unlimited All rights reserved.

Growing marijuana in national forests in the United States is nothing new.  But, many believe Mexicans are growing marijuana in these forests and it is widespread and growing.  We have all heard of the drug cartels that enter our country to provide to us, the largest consumer of marijuana, but the backcountry as remote as it is, is consistently becoming popular as growers paradise.

Land is a big factor into choosing where to grow. To avoid being caught, many producers plant marijuana in national forests, so there is no need to own land to enter the market.  And because of the acres and acres of land for their choosing in their possession, a crop of 420,000 marijuana plants could be potentially worth one billion dollars if harvested at their peak.

Having so much product is why most of these “grow gardens” have security surveillance with machine guns and rifles. Even though being a 6 hour hike from any road, back in 2008, in the Seqouia National Forest, one potentially one billion dollar crop had 38 arrested men and their guns seized.

The police and forest officials find these gardens though human intelligence and also aircraft surveillance. It is estimated that 95 percent of the aircraft used to spot marijuana in national forests are provided by the military, either by state National Guard units or by active-duty units coordinated by Joint Task Force Six. 

A lot of political controversy being spoken is if the US would just legalize marijuana and tax it, it would stop the drug wars in any country and also give us some money to pay for damages. We wouldn’t have to waste police resources and endanger their lives to these possibly negligible situations. But while federal agencies sort out their priorities, the forests are producing ever more marijuana. 

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