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Medical Marijuana is a doctor recommended herbal therapy drug that treats and also cures many different kinds of ailments and conditions. But before you can attain such a drug, medical marijuana doctors will require your previous medical records in order to recommend medical marijuana for any condition.  Doctor approved authorization process insures completely confidential medical marijuana recommendation and pre-screening services. 

Medical marijuana’s therapeutic uses are well-numbered and well-documented in modern scientific literature.  Marijuana was listed in medical texts to treat over 100 different health conditions, prior to the United States banning of marijuana in 1937 even though the American Medical Association had objections.  Some cases it has been known to treat are pain, depression, bi-polar disease, multiple sclerosis, melancholia and migraines, and also as a sleeping aid.  

Patients suffering from cancer, AIDS and other forms of disease greatly benefit from access to marijuana as it soothes the pain.  It also acts as an anticonvulsant, preventing vomiting and nausea from chemotherapy or other nasty pharmaceuticals.  It has also been recorded that patients who find that standard medicines do not help their conditions report that smoking cannabis quickly restores their vision. 

Always check with your local physician to see if use of medical cannabis would be a practical treatment for your condition.

Medical marijuana is legal only at the state level in 13 states such as California, Colorado, Nevada and Vermont.  Although the use of medical marijuana is not legal in federal law, there are many lobbyists and organizations such as the American Medical Association and the Americans for Safe Access who are trying to legalize medical marijuana at the federal level.

Medical Marijuana is a great treatment for most medical ailments.  It is one of the most widely supported issues in drug policy reform and has strong support from voters and health organizations.  Medical marijuana makes people healthier and happier, as the massive and growing number of patients will eagerly attest.  The issue about medical marijuana is about our capacity as humans to care about the conditions of one another, and our willingness as a civilized society to protect some of our most vulnerable citizens, those with chronic illness and pain. 

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