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Government has been wrong about marijuana from the beginning, but their rationale seems to be that if they can only persist with their obfuscation and obstructionism long enough, it will somehow make them right. Medical marijuana, which was legalized by state voters in 1996, is still illegal under federal law.  Newer research has shown the potentials of medical marijuana as per our other article titled “Medical Marijuana,” it would be a detriment to science to prohibit access to it for medical use and research on the federal level.  Always check with your local physician to see if use of cannabis would be a practical treatment for your condition.

MAPS, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies ( has been very active in the legalization of medical marijuana in federal law. Unfortunately, NIDA, the National Institute on Drug Abuse is currently studying and promoting the negative effects of marijuana and also has a monopoly on the only FDA approved supply of marijuana that can be used for research hindering MAPS’ progressive research for the drug. MAPS is at present trying to have the FDA allow them their own supply of medical marijuana to study.

MAPS’ research would like to further define vaporizers in addition to or as a healthier alternative to smoking marijuana to the FDA’s approval which thus would lead to legalization. Vaporizers are a safer way to inhale marijuana rather than a normal joint which emits carbon monoxide. Although they have attained some of NIDA’s supply of medical marijuana to study on, MAPS will continue to fight for rights to their own supply to continue their advancing research of medical marijuana.

Although Laws are supposed to be put in place to do the greatest good for the greatest number, the law is becoming corrupt in restricting hemp's medicinal use. They don't want anyone to really research medical marijuana, because they know that medical marijuana is sound science and they're afraid of losing their stranglehold. 

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